The Irish Rose
Your Rocky Mountain Getaway!
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Backyard Activities

Gold Panning
Playing in the River

Can you find gold?

Trout can be caught in Mosquito Creek

New experiences for the kids!

Great family time by the river

4x4 Off Road and ATV

Mosquito Pass

Buckskin Gulch to Kite Lake

Windy Ridge

Penn Mountain
 (Irish Rose in the distance)

Hitting the Trails

Rock Hunting / Mining History

Lots of Iron Pyrite, Galena, Mica, and Quartz

Brownlow Mine Remains / Walking Distance

London Mine Mill / Mosquito Pass

Paris Mill / Buckskin Gulch

Orphan Boy Mine / Short Walk from House

The entrance shaft of the Hock Hocking Mine.  We took the picture
holding the camera under the steel door that locks it shut!  Spooky.



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